Building Energy Regulations 2024

13. March 2024

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Have you heard about the latest developments in building energy regulations for Germany?

New heating systems must be highly efficient and shall be powered for the most part by renewable energy, avoiding long-term reliance on fossil fuels like gas, oil or coal. Smart integration of diverse renewable heating technologies and efficient exchange with the electricity sector is essential.

With the introduction of the new Building Energy Act 2024 (Gebäudeenergiegesetz 2024), there’s a big push towards sustainability and efficiency for the heating of buildings of the near future.

Heat pumps make sense for detached houses and smaller apartment blocks. However, the power-to-gas solutions can be a sensible alternative for bigger apartment blocks and larger building complexes.

Here’s why:

• Consistent efficiency: Unlike air-to-air or air-to-water heat pumps which experience decreased efficiency during winter months, power-to-gas solutions maintain a steady performance, ensuring reliable energy conversion regardless of the season.
• Harnessing seasonal renewable energy: Power-to-gas enables the utilization of surplus renewable energy generated in summer for winter heating needs.
• Targets for renewable energies are fulfilled: With a minimum requirement of 65% renewable energy for heat supply, power-to-gas effortlessly meets regulatory standards, paving the way for greener buildings and reduced carbon footprints.
• Enhanced self-consumption of solar energy: By increasing the self-consumption of solar energy and storing excess power as synthetic natural gas (SNG), power-to-gas offers a viable solution for winter energy demands. This minimizes the need for large batteries associated with heat pump systems.

By offering power-to-gas solutions to meet the targets of the new Building Energy Act 2024 and creating new approaches to heating processes, we are building a greener, more sustainable future for all of us!

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