CYTOK®s Power-to-Gas Technology

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Learn how the CYTOK® power-to-gas (ptg) technology is revolutionizing the use of renewable energy. With our advanced, emission-free conversion in Rostock, we are setting new standards for independent energy supply and climate protection. Discover how we are shaping the energy of the future with our patented method.


What exactly is power-to-gas?


Power-to-gas (ptg) describes a technology in which sustainably generated electricity is converted into gas, such as hydrogen and methane, and stored. It is a type of power-to-X (ptX) technology. This technology is used to store solar and wind energy, which is sometimes very volatile.

Regardless of how much wind is blowing or whether the sun is shining.The energy of green methane can be used to provide electricity, heat and cooling precisely when it is needed.


The advantage over conventional battery storage is the large storage capacity. Our pilot plant has a storage capacity of 3.25 MWh of energy in the form of methane at only a small part of the cost of a battery storage system with the same capacity. The storage capacity is not limited.
With our CYTOK® power-to-gas (ptg) technology, we are already taking a proven and technically mature approach. Our system combines state-of-the-art, established technologies.

Our CYTOK® power-to-gas technology is:

CYTOK®  power-to-gas  technology


Anyone can produce hydrogen with green electricity – even CYTOK®.
The hydrogen pirates , however, ” capture” the hydrogen and combine it for easier storage with carbon dioxide in our catalytic methanation process based on the Sabatier process. This produces synthetic methane – in other words, green natural gas.
This step means that known and proven gas technologies can continue to be used. These include CHP units and condensing boilers for natural gas and natural gas tanks. Another advantage of our system technology is the redundancy to the existing electricity and gas networks. The security of energy supply is therefore always guaranteed. If not enough green electricity is generated on site, it can be purchased from the grid at a reduced price, for example via power purchase agreements (PPAs).
The CO₂ required for methane production is kept in a closed loop in the system. The CO₂ is produced during the generation of heat or electricity while the synthetic methane is being “closed-combusted.” In the catalyst, the separated CO₂ and hydrogen from the electrolyser become methane again.
Due to our closed CO₂ / methane cycles and the modified oxyfuel process, we burn green natural gas completely emission-free.
In larger plants, so-called energy factories, the CYTOK® systems can use additional “green” CO₂ (e.g. from biogas plants) to produce not only methane but also so-called green e-fuels such as regenerative LNG, methanol, kerosene and other hydrogen derivatives. Carbon dioxide will thus be used as a raw material in a sustainable and sensible way.
Through highly efficient energy management systems and the recovery of the generated heat, all systems achieve a very high degree of utilization.

Why CYTOK® as a system supplier?
Individual solutions do not meet customer requirements

Our customers expect a sustainable and stable energy supply, around the clock, all year through. Although individual subsystems do have their own advantages, they usually do not cover the demand and often have large gaps:

  • Photovoltaic systems do not fully cover energy requirements, particularly in the cold winter months, even when combined with battery storage and heat pumps. Green grid electricity is then also required.
  • Wind power plants do not supply any energy when there is no wind or a surplus of energy when the wind is high, requiring large energy storage systems.
  • Biogas, pellet heating systems and wood release COduring combustion and are therefore not completely climate-neutral.
  • Hydrogen, which is produced with energy from sustainable sources and used on site, does not generate CO, but the combustion process does produce harmful nitrogen oxides. The use of hydrogen in fuel cells or “hydrogen combustors” is currently still very expensive and has not been permanently tested on a large scale.

CYTOK® systems are flexible

As a system supplier, CYTOK® combines the advantages of the various existing technologies:

  • the low-cost green electricity from wind and solar
  • the fast response of small battery storage systems
  • the high utilization rate of the CYTOK® methanation reactor
  • emission-free combustion of the natural gas produced
  • the proven reliability of natural gas technology such as CHP units and gas boilers
  • the leverage effect of heat pumps
  • the very high storage capacity in the power-to-gas sector
Together with the patented emission-free combustion of green methane and the higher-level system control, individual energy requirements can be optimally covered:


Don’t do things by halves – take a resolute step towards the energy supply of the future with the hydrogen pirates!