About CYTOK® – hydrogen pirates

Visionaries of a emission-free future.

“The earth doesn’t need us humans, but our posterity needs an intact planet. We believe in a future without coal, oil and natural gas – with clean and sustainable energy for everyone” – hydrogen pirates



Our settings

curiosity – innovating – open-minded – idealistic – dynamic – positive thinking


These attributes represent our attitude to life. Does that always work? No, we are not machines, but we work on it every day and always learn from our mistakes to become a little better.
Our crew of pioneers, scientists, explorers and doers come from a wide range of disciplines. Together, we are a well-coordinated and strong team.
In May 2023, we got together with seven power-to-gas (ptg) professionals and decided to establish the CYTOK® technology, which has been developed and patented since 2012, in Germany and internationally.
This is because CYTOK®‘s technology is ready for the market and can be used anywhere in the world for a reliable and fair energy supply. CYTOK® power-to-X (ptX) technologies combine sustainable applications with high efficiency and economic optimization. This is the only way to turn an innovative idea into a marketable product.
But we are not resting on our laurels: We remain curious and innovative, because the road to a clean energy supply is still long and varied. Our own research and development therefore focuses on innovative technologies to avoid harmful emissions in all sectors.