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CYTOK Solutions

Concepts and feasibility studies


CYTOK® guides your idea right from the start. We work with you to develop concepts on how the future energy supply can look ecologically and economically. We also create transformation concepts for complex systems in order to achieve climate targets in the long term.
The concepts and studies created are an important basis for subsidies.In feasibility studies, the concepts are examined for their technical, legal and economic feasibility.

Engineering services, simulation and profitability calculations


CYTOK® designs your sustainable energy supply systems right from the start. Using the software we have developed, we can realistically simulate and evaluate a wide range of technical designs and framework conditions.


Your wishes are taken into account, e.g. with a focus on high self-sufficiency, high emission avoidance or the economic efficiency of the system. The results are used to determine the investment costs and prepare profitability calculations.

Start your journey to an emission-free future now – Discover how CYTOK® turns your energy visions into reality.

Sustainable solutions for residential complexes and urban districts

Residential buildings and housing stock are still responsible for a large proportion of CO₂ emissions today. CYTOK®’s systems can change this. For residential buildings from around 3.000 m² of living space up to entire urban districts, they reliably supply green electricity, comfortable heating and refreshing cooling – according to demand.


The high requirements for reducing emissions in the future can already be fulfilled today. Up to the complete emission-free level.

A plannable energy supply for commercial properties


CYTOK®’s systems can be individually designed to meet energy demands and therefore cover a wide range of requirements in the commercial sector. Economic planning and a reliable energy supply are particularly important for businesses.


By producing, using and storing as much electricity as possible on their own premises, a high degree of self-sufficiency and the ability to plan energy costs are guaranteed.

Energy Factories – the all-rounders

In order to utilize the capacities of the Our energy factories not only ensure a sustainable energy supply for entire towns, industrial estates or large companies.plants and increase the added value, additional energy sources such as green gases or e-fuels are also produced for the market.
These include :
  • hydrogen
  • methane in the form of SNG / CNG / LNG
  • oxygen
The economic efficiency of our energy factories is optimized through the use of all energies produced. The sector interlinking of heat – electricity – mobility thus becomes a living reality.

Biogas plants of the future


Raw biogas from standard biogas plants contains a high proportion of the climate-damaging gas CO₂. The further use of the raw biogas in combustion or upgrading to biogas for feeding into the grid releases the CO₂.

With CYTOK® technology, the raw biogas can be upgraded to green natural gas without additional emissions

Here, the high proportion of CO₂ is used to produce biogas with a high methane purity in the methanation process. The CO₂ is combined with hydrogen to produce methane and is not released into the environment. The methanation process is also known as the Sabatier process.

Our References

Power-to-Gas Pioneer Plant

Since 2020, the Bernsteinsee holiday and leisure area of Bernsteinsee Hotel GmbH in Sassenburg / Lower Saxony has been supplied with green energy thanks to our innovative technology. Our technology largely replaces fossil oil and gas heating systems, saving up to 183 tons of CO₂ annually. More information can be found at Bernsteinsee Sustainability.

For the Helmholtz Centre Dresden-Rossendorf, CYTOK® is conducting a feasibility study including a transformation concept with up to 10 MW electrolysis. By 2035, the complete energy supply is planned to be climate neutral in two expansion stages. CYTOK®’s technologies for producing green gases, such as hydrogen and methane, play a central role in this. The facility is to be powered by green electricity from wind and solar plants.