Carbon Capture and Reuse

1. March 2024

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Why not use CO₂ for our power-to-gas technology instead of storing it?

Amidst the current discussions surrounding the implementation of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology in Germany, the question arises: Why not utilize CO₂ directly for the processes of CCR (Carpon Capture and Reuse) in our power-to-x factories, rather than sinking it into the sea bed or below the surface of the earth?

Our company operates with a closed-loop system where the CO₂ required for methane production is circulated. Through our system, CO₂ is generated during synthetic methane closed combustion and then converted back into methane in the catalyst. This allows us to burn green natural gas completely emissions-free!

Moreover, our CYTOK® systems can produce green e-fuels such as regenerative LNG, methanol, kerosene and other hydrogen derivatives alongside methane using additional “green” CO₂ (e.g. from biogas plants) in the energy factories of the future. This sustainable utilization of carbon dioxide as a raw material is also a great aspect of our mission to renewable energy supply.

Our energy factories are the most sustainable variant because we use all process raw materials, like CO₂, to use it for a wide variety of final products.

However, one argument put forward by CCS proponents is that eliminating CO₂, which is produced “anyway” and can hardly be avoided. Production in cement factories is repeatedly mentioned as an example in this context. But perhaps our technology will also be a key factor there in the near future.

While discussions about CCS in Germany continue, we are committed to innovative solutions that not only reduce CO₂ emissions but can also recycle and utilise them with CCR!

You can read more about the CCS plans and their disadvantages in the press release from Deutschlandfunk:

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Japanese delegation from our partner GPSS visits our power-to-gas plant

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