Japanese delegation of the GPSS Group / GPSS Engineering Inc. visit CYTOK® for further conversation

21. March 2024

picture: f.l.t.r. M. Weiss/Co-CEO CYTOK GmbH, M. Kitahara/Group Leader GPSS Engineering Inc., I. Lopez/Director GPSS Group, K. Schirmer/Co-CEO CYTOK GmbH © CYTOK GmbH

Yesterday, we welcomed Ms. Izabela Lopez and Mr. Masayuki Kitahara as part of a Japanese delegation of the GPSS Group / GPSS Engineering Inc.!

During their visit, we further solidified our partnership, which was closed last year and joint efforts to globally promote innovative and sustainable power-to-gas systems.

You can find out more about our exclusive partnership the press release from the GPSS Group (published by the GPSS Group on May 29 2023) at the following link: https://gpssgroup.jp/gpss-group-japan-and-cytok-gmbh-germany-agree-on-exclusive-partnership/

This collaboration significantly contributes to advancing our renewable energy goals! We’re excited to continue discussions and explore new avenues together to drive the energy transition in Japan, Germany and all over the world.

Both companies pursue the strategic goals of creating real impact in the areas of emission reduction and sustainability and driving innovation through the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Huge thanks to GPSS Engineering Inc. and GPSS Group for their commitment and the great cooperation on this journey!

Your hydrogen pirates from the Baltic Sea/Germany

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