History and future of our power-to-gas technology

18. January 2024

picture: © CYTOK GmbH | Paul Sabatier – picture source: ©Wikipedia (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Paul_Sabatier.jpg)

We like to show you a look back at the history and an outlook on the promising future of our power-to-gas technology:

  • 1912: Paul Sabatier receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his groundbreaking discovery of the Sabatier process (methanation). A historic moment that laid the foundation for our journey.
  • 2012: The CYTOK® power-to-gas technology takes a leap forward with the patent registration.
  • 2013-2015: This years dedicated to research and development with the aim of improving our technology and making progress in green energy supply.
  • 2016: A proud moment when we are honoured with the Greentec Award 2016, which recognises our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • 2018: The pioneering plant at Bernsteinsee (Niedersachsen/Germany) is installed and marks an important milestone in the realisation of our vision.
  • 2020: The plant at Bernsteinsee is put into operation.
  • 2022: Optimizing of the plant at Bernsteinsee for even greater efficiency.
  • 2024: We open a new chapter and will start developing a container solution to make our technology more accessible and scalable for the energy market.
  • 2026: The culmination of years of endeavour and innovation – we are planning to release our container solution

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