Integrated energy for power-to-X

16. February 2024

picture: © CYTOK GmbH

Integrated energy is the key to a sustainable energy supply for the near future!

At CYTOK® we optimize the use of renewable energies through integrated energy with our cutting-edge power-to-x technology. By integrating power-to-gas, -heat, -liquid, -chemicals and -mobility solutions, this technology pave the way for a comprehensive energy transformation.

This enable the conversion of surplus electricity into a wide range of energy sources (electricity, green gas, heat) for various areas of application (commercial, transport, household) and is supplemented by combined heat power creation and green gas storage to increase the profitability and flexibility of the energy system.

Our CYTOK® power-to-x technology offers an efficient way to convert and store surplus electricity into energy-rich green methane. With a closed cycle for CO₂ and hydrogen, this  also enables the sustainable production of green e-fuels. Our technology contributes to security of supply, reduces emissions and optimises the use of renewable energies.

To show you this power-to-x integrated energy technology better, we have created a graphic for you.

Fun fact:

In german, integrated energy means „Sektorenkopplung“, which loosely translated means sector coupling. German language = difficult language

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Your hydrogen pirates from the Baltic Sea/Germany

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