International partnership between GPSS Engineering Inc. and CYTOK®

GPSS Group - CYTOK partnership

18. December 2023

f.l.t.r.: M. Mezaki/Co-CEO GPSS Group, M. Kitahara/Group Leader GPSS Engineering Inc,, T. Ono/President GPSS Engineering Inc., K. Schirmer/Co-CEO CYTOK GmbH, I. Lopez/Director GPSS Group | picture source: © GPSS Group Engineering Inc.

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive partnership with the GPSS Engineering Inc. from Japan!

Together, we combine our expertise in the field of renewable energy to establish and continuously develop our innovative power-to-gas systems in the Japan and Asian market. The agreement allows us to consolidate our strengths in sustainable plant development, while the GPSS Engineering Inc. obtains exclusive marketing rights for our patented technology in Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries.

You can find the press release from the GPSS Group (published by the GPSS Group on May 29th 2023) at the following link:

From November 15 to 17 2023, the companies and their collaboration were presented at the Decarbonisation EXPO in Osaka (Japan) at the GPSS booth.
For this event, we were kindly invited by the GPSS Group. Alongside Tomofumi Ono, president of GPSS Engineering Inc. and our managing director Klaus Schirmer introduced the technologies of the companies in several presentations to the exhibition audience.

You can find out more about our power-to-x technology via the following link:

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