Introducing our CYTOK® technology

13. December 2023


From now on, we will like to inform you about our latest news and introduce you more in the world of power-to-gas.

We begin with an introduction to our innovative and patended technology:

The CYTOK® power-to-gas technology utilizes surplus energy from sustainable sources such as photovoltaic and wind power systems to produce fuel gases like hydrogen, methane or other energy carriers. Together with the utilization of the resulting processes, it enables efficient and sustainable storage of green energy on a large scale.

In the first step of the CYTOK® power-to-gas technology, hydrogen is produced from green electricity in an electrolyzer. After this the hydrogen is combined with carbon dioxide using the sabatier process. This results in synthetic methane, or green natural gas, which is produced and stored. This allows for the sustainable and forward-looking use of proven natural gas technologies such as cogeneration units (CHP) and condensing boilers.

Our patented CYTOK® power-to-gas process combines efficient and economical storage with a self-developed, emission-free combustion of methane, using the modified oxyfuel process. The CO2 from combustion does not enter the environment but is also stored and reused in a closed loop for the regeneration of methane.

By intelligently combining it with other power-to-x technologies, CYTOK®, as a system provider, realizes sustainable energy supply systems. These systems are individually scalable and find applications in various sectors.

Through the scaling of our CYTOK® power-to-gas technology, we can provide green energy emission-free and with a high degree of independence from the energy market to:

  • residential complexes and entire neighbourhoods
  • commercial buildings
  • towns
  • industrial areas

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