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11. January 2024


… and support us achieve the following milestone to reach 2.500.000 €

We are pleased to announce that our first investment round (seed) is launched on December 20th 2023 and will run until February 29th 2024.

According to the Crunchbase ranking, CYTOK®’s hydrogen pirates are among the TOP GreenTech companies worldwide.
We are in the top 3 – 4 % of companies in the sustainability and energy supply/energy storage sector. In the renewable energy sector, we are among the top 1%.

We are seeking investors and strategic partners to support us in achieving our next corporate objectives, placing their trust in us. The milestones we aim to reach together through your support include:

  • Strengthening our liquidity to professionally and in larger quantities pre-finance projects and development objectives in a timely manner.
  • Building and expanding our crew with specialists in the commercial and technical fields.
  • Assistance in covering the equity share for the subsidized further development of our technology.

Through your investment, these measures can be implemented earlier, leading to faster revenue and profit growth for CYTOK®. Additionally, we enhance our lead over competitors.

Our investment offer for investors and business angels:

  •  9,5 % Early bird interest rates up to the 21.01.2024 or reach 500.000 € funding
  • 7,5 % interest rates from 22.01.2024 or after reaching more than 500.000 € funding
  • 10.000 € Minimum investment amount per investor
  • 3 to 5 years, annual interest payment

Types of investment:

  • loan
  • Convertible loan
  • Silent partnership
  • Options on shares / purchase possible

You can find out more about the investment opportunities via the following link:

Join the hydrogen pirates from the Baltic Sea/Germany on this exciting journey!

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