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21. December 2023

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For the innovative and patented power-to-gas technology offered by the CYTOK® hydrogen pirates, we hold the exclusive license for use. This enables us to establish the technology as a unique selling point in the market and to independently further develop it.

With our highly qualified team, we enhance the efficiency and profitability of our already operational power-to-gas plants in practical applications. The ongoing development focuses, on increasing the efficiency of the reactor for green methane production by a factor of 3 by the end of 2024. In parallel, we are planning the development and implementation of a modular container solution by mid-2025. These initiatives are supported by grants from various programs.

Our advancements significantly increase the potential of the patented power-to-gas technology. This continual improvement enhances the economic viability and market position of our sustainable systems, especially in comparison to conventional fossil offerings.

The CYTOK® hydrogen pirates are thus one of the few technology companies worldwide with their own power-to-gas technology in practical and commercial use, constantly evolving and advancing.

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