Our power-to-gas bridge technology – Embracing the future of sustainable energy supply

21. May 2024

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Green synthetic natural gas (SNG) which produced in our methanation (Sabatier process) will revolutionize energy storage and distribution as a bridge technology in the next few years.

To show you some of the most important advantages, we would like to list them below:

Scalability and storage:
From small-scale plants to gigawatt capacities, SNG offers vast energy storage potential. Even our reference plant at Bernsteinsee (Germany) stores 3,25 MWh in the form of green methane in a tank of only 13 m³ at 25 bar. Larger quantities are no problem! Storage capacities in the gigawatt range are possible if the SNG is liquefied into LNG. It also outperforms batteries in both economics and efficient use of space, ensuring continuous power even where batteries fall short. Plus, it seamlessly integrates in CHP units and condensing boilers for natural gas and natural gas tanks.

Flexible and varied storage:
SNG isn’t just for short-term storage; it’s also excels in long-term storage, perfect for bridging seasonal energy gaps. For example, imagine storing summer solar power for winter use! It’s adaptable, converting to electricity or heat at any time and as needed, ensuring a steady supply of energy.

Infrastructure compatibility:
Green SNG is redundant to existing natural gas infrastructure and technologies. No costly conversions required! Conventional pipelines, storage facilities CHPs and heating systems can use the SNG without any problems. A conversion such as the switch to hydrogen is not necessary! Security of supply is also guaranteed, as it is possible to switch flexibly to (bio)gas if required.

Safety and reliability:
TÜV-certified and user-friendly, SNG systems offer the same reliability as conventional fossil natural gas systems. Compared to hydrogen, they offer simpler, more cost-effective approval and maintenance processes. This also results in a longer service life of the plants and the equipment.

In conclusion, green SNG isn’t just a solution; It’s a bridge to a sustainable energy future!

It offers reliability, adaptability and security! A pioneer technology for a seamless transition away from fossil fuels towards a hydrogen-powered world.

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