Our power-to-gas solutions as an integral part of the green energy supply

4. January 2024


We are confident that 2024 will also be filled with many new innovations and sustainable progress!

In 2023, more than 50% of the electricity in Germany was generated from renewable sources, appr. 5% increase compared to 2022. The goals to source at least 80% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030 is on track and we are motivated to achieve this together with you!

Therefore, the patented CYTOK® power-to-gas solutions are an integral part of the green energy supply for the future:

  • PV systems alone, even with batteries and heat pumps, don’t suffice, especially in this grey and cold months. Additional green grid power is essential
  • wind turbines during calm periods and surplus during strong winds necessitate a efficient energy storage solution

Power-to-gas technology is currently the only way to economically store sustainably generated energy that cannot be consumed directly on a large scale.

This makes it possible to actively counteract the volatility of renewable energy, i.e. dark lulls. Dark lulls mean that wind and solar energy is not sufficiently available due to cloudy skies and too not enough wind.

Establishing and constantly improving power-to-gas technology to make it even more efficient is what drives us and our contribution to the fight against climate change.

You can find out more about our solutions via the following link: https://cytok.de/en/solutions

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