Sustainable e-fuels

7. March 2024

picture: © CYTOK GmbH

The future of mobility begins in our power-to-gas energy factories.

At CYTOK®, we are driving the sustainable revolution in mobility with our innovative approach to e-fuels production.

As we exploit the capabilities of our power-to-gas energy factories to produce renewable electricity and heat, we’re also spearheading the production of e-fuels, essential for the future of eco-friendly transportation.

What are e-fuels and how are they produced?

  • E-fuels render fossil fuels obsolete, minimizing climate impact.
  • Through the electrolysis of our technology, we split water into hydrogen and oxygen, using green hydrogen and CO₂ to produce e-fuels (e. g. CNG / LNG)

What are the benefits of e-fuel-powered vehicles compared to electric-powered vehicles?

  • Large vehicles struggle with electric batteries, making e-fuels a compelling alternative.
  • The engine technology for e-fuel is available and does not require extensive adaptation.

Our energy factories maximize ecological and economic benefits, ushering in a new era of clean transportation.

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Your hydrogen pirates from the Baltic Sea/Germany

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Japanese delegation from our partner GPSS visits our power-to-gas plant

Japanese delegation from our partner GPSS visits our power-to-gas plant

As part of the “Woche des Wasserstoffs 2024”, Tomofumi Ono (CEO of GPSS Engineering Inc.), Shohei Yoshimoto (Executive Director / Division Head of Transnational Business Division of GPSS Holdings Inc.) and Izabela Lopes (Director GPSS Group) visited our running power-to-gas plant at Bernsteinsee Hotel GmbH in Sassenburg.