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21. February 2024

picture: © WWF Germany

How can the pioneering power-to-X technology best be presented and communicated in an informative way to pupils?
The WWF asked itself precisely this question and found answers as part of the Kopernikus projects supported and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany.

The result?
A fascinating virtual reality experience that not only inspires children but also people of all ages and provides comprehensive information.
We think that’s great and are delighted that this mindset about the power-to-X technology can also be transmitted via such a playful platform.

Click here to open the PDF with the QR codes to access the VR experience: https://www.wwf.de/fileadmin/fm-wwf/Publikationen-PDF/Bildung/Booklet-Power-to-X-VR.pdf
Find out more about the project: https://www.wwf.de/aktiv-werden/bildungsarbeit-lehrerservice/power-to-x

You can find out more about our power-to-x technology via the following link: https://cytok.de/en/technology/

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Japanese delegation from our partner GPSS visits our power-to-gas plant

Japanese delegation from our partner GPSS visits our power-to-gas plant

As part of the “Woche des Wasserstoffs 2024”, Tomofumi Ono (CEO of GPSS Engineering Inc.), Shohei Yoshimoto (Executive Director / Division Head of Transnational Business Division of GPSS Holdings Inc.) and Izabela Lopes (Director GPSS Group) visited our running power-to-gas plant at Bernsteinsee Hotel GmbH in Sassenburg.