The benefits of the CYTOK® power-to-gas energy factories

30. January 2024

picture: © CYTOK GmbH

The CYTOK® power-to-gas factory aims for emission-free energy, creating independence from harmful sources in various areas.

In proximity to wind or solar installations, these factories produce synthetic methane/green natural gas from surplus energy, ensuring stability during windless or sunless periods.

The factory stores:

  • hydrogen
  • oxygen
  • methane
  • carbon dioxide

And produces e-fuels like:

  • LNG
  • methanol
  • ammonia

Additional benefits include:

  • regional job creation
  • industry/citizens attracted to favourable energy prices
  • decentralized energy use to relieve pressure on the power grid

Also process heat utilization in local heating grids ensures high efficiency with no energy loss.

Now you know: Our energy factories are all-rounders


Your hydrogen pirates from the Baltic Sea/Germany

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