The processes within CYTOK® power-to-gas energy factories

31. January 2024

picture: © CYTOK GmbH

We like to show you today the processes, step by step, within our power-to-gas energy factories:

  1. Renewable electricity, from surplus wind or solar power, is fed to the energy factory to generate e-fuels, heat and to store energy.
  2. The electricity is used to split water into green hydrogen and oxygen, using water electrolysis.
  3. Using a catalytic reactor, the hydrogen is reacted with green carbon dioxide to produce green methane or green methanol. Green carbon dioxide is used as a carrier for the green hydrogen.
  4. Using the green methane or the green methanol as a feedstock, other e-fuels like dimethyl ether (DME), gasoline, diesel or synthetic aviation fuel can also be produced.
  5. If nitrogen is used as a hydrogen carrier, green ammonia is produced in the energy factory.
  6. Process heat from electrolysis and from the exothermal reaction processes can be used for heating purposed, e.g. fed into a district heating grid.

These steps lead us to one conclusion:
The power-to-gas energy factories will be a part of the sustaibale energy supply of the future.

Now you know: Our energy factories are all-rounders


Your hydrogen pirates from the Baltic Sea/Germany

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