Invest in sustainable, patented technology!

Join our open investment round!

Invest in sustainable, patented technology!

Join our open investment round!

CYTOK® – Investment

Invest in the energy innovation of tomorrow.

Welcome to the world of investment opportunities at CYTOK® – pioneers of Power-to-Gas technology. As a leading German technology company with patented and field-tested technology, we offer a unique opportunity to invest in the future of emission-free energy supply. Join our mission to revolutionize the world with sustainable energy solutions, and discover how your investment in CYTOK® creates not only ecological but also economic value.


CYTOK® – hydrogen pirates, a successful German-based technology company in the power-to-gas sector.

We are the only company with its own patent-protected power-to-gas technology for the production, storage and emission-free combustion of synthetic methane.
Our power-to-gas technology has a clear unique selling point in the field of power-to-X / power-to-gas systems and is already in practical use. Our technology has also received several awards for this, such as the GreenTec Award in 2016.

Areas of application

  • apartment complexes and neighborhood solutions
  • commercial companies
  • energy factories for the energy supply of entire towns or industrial estates
  • upgrading of biogas
  • the possibility of producing e-fuels

Our practical proof

Our pioneer plant in a hotel complex is currently in operation and has impressively demonstrated that our technology is not only practical and economical, it is also TÜV-certified and safe to use.

Key points of our technology 

  • the highly efficient production and storage of synthetic methane from green energy, soon also as a container solution
  • emission-free combustion of synthetic methane through an internally developed and adapted oxyfuel process
  • forecast-based energy management, in future with lookahead functionalities and AI

Highlights in development

  • Development of a specific reactor type for the efficient production of synthetic methane, or SNG for short, from hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Our own research has optimized the reactions in the catalyst for methanation. This enables us to achieve a methane purity of at least 90 %. The exothermic reaction during the production of the methane enables efficient energy extraction.
  • With a further developed and adapted oxy-fuel process from CYTOK®, it is possible to burn synthetic methane emission-free in condensing boilers and CHP units. In this special process, only CO₂ and water are produced during combustion. The CO₂ is thus circulated in a closed cycle and is used again to produce synthetic methane. The water can be treated and used again to produce hydrogen.
  • The forecast-based energy management system developed by CYTOK® is precisely tailored to our technology. This makes it possible to achieve an even higher degree of efficiency in the plant.

What drives us forward

  • We do not rest on our successes so far. The improvement and further development of our technology is one of the strategic factors for establishing our technology more quickly and economically on the international market.
  • On this path, we are looking for support from pioneers and enthusiastic people for the transformation towards a sustainable energy supply.

Potential of our technology 

  • Development of a modular container solution for our technology in order to achieve an even better economic result through scaling effects. With this step, the costs of our technology can be reduced by at least 1/3.
  • Increasing the production rate of methanation by a factor of 3 with the same size reactor. This step will allow significantly more synthetic methane to be produced with the same reactor size, which will significantly improve overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here, too, further development will have a cost-reducing effect.
  • Integration of AI to improve forecast-based energy management.
The sustainable and secure energy supply of the future is becoming increasingly challenging due to the volatility of renewable energy. The integration of AI in our energy management will significantly improve the efficiency and service life of our technology once again. Energy management, which is already forecast-based today, will then be able to independently make improvements to the system’s operating mode and optimize energy flows.

Your trust and investment in us

Support us with your trust and investment. Your investment will give us an additional boost in achieving the goals we have set ourselves. Specifically, your investment helps with the following points, among others:

  • Expanding our financial resources in order to implement projects and development goals professionally and on time with pre-financing.
  • Building up and expanding our crew with specialists in commercial and technical areas. This will also accelerate the achievement of PR and sales targets.
  • Support in covering the own share for the subsidized further development of our technology.

Our investment offer for investors and business angels:

  • 295.000 € already reserved/agreed
  • 9,5 % interest rates
  • 10.000 € Minimum investment amount per investor
  • 3 to 5 years, annual interest payment

 Types of investment:

  • loan
  • Convertible loan
  • Silent partnership
  • Options on shares / purchase possible

We offer investors and supporters the opportunity to actively participate in this process. In return, you will receive attractive conditions for your investment with us.
We have convinced you and you are ready to give the CYTOK® crew an extra boost for rapid progress? Would you like to find out more details about an investment and our strategies?